Mission statement

Help Ukraine Personally (HUP) is an independent organisation that works to:

1) protect asylum seekers and refugees by providing personal support and advocacy for their admission, reception, and participation in society, primarily in the Netherlands;

2) provides humanitarian aid and relief to war torn areas, and specifically Ukraine.

Help Ukraine Personally (HUP) is an independent organisation that promotes the interests of refugees and asylum seekers in the Netherlands, from the moment of their entry up to and including their integration in Dutch society. We believe the Netherlands has a responsibility of helping people fleeing war and persecution and want to be an active member in this ecosystem. The Netherlands is obliged to offer refugees protection and a dignified existence to people coming here, as defined in numerous international treaties. 

Refugee protection

One of the main pillars of HUP is providing refugees fleeing war a haven in the Netherlands. HUP utilizes its network of people in the Netherlands to find temporary housing for Ukrainian refugees.

Beyond housing, HUP also assists refugees with several fundamental support variables, including financial assistance, medical care, schooling for children, work for adults, technological support, and legal counsel.

Once people are provided a place to stay in the Netherlands, HUP actively helps them integrate in Dutch society. We stand for the protection of all refugees in the Netherlands. This is done by offering personal support and advocacy for their admission, reception, and integration.

Protection means more than just offering the opportunity to seek and obtain asylum. It also means preventing someone from being sent back if they have a well-founded fear of being persecuted.

Finally, protection also means providing access to society and the opportunity to build an independent life.

Humanitarian aid

The second fundamental pillar of HUP is the provision of humanitarian help and aid to war torn regions, and specifically Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the latter has been coping with severe shortages of basic goods.

Help Ukraine Personally organizes missions to the Polish-Ukrainian border with the purpose of providing humanitarian aid to people in need. The aid is varied and usually includes medicine, food, sleeping bags, clothes, electronics, animal assistance, and children’s supplies.

HUP, however, does not provide any kind of military aid to conflict regions.

We specifically focus on humanitarian assistance and try to work with local organizations to ensure the goods end up in the right hands.

We utilize our network to ensure humanitarian aid is targeted.

Vision 2025

The turbulence of our times means that war and conflict, exacerbated by climate change, will remain a problem for the coming years. Even though we want to help people return safely to their country of origin, in some instances this will not be possible.

As such, HUP’s vision is to help the people under our umbrella in creating a long-term future in the Netherlands. HUP also, in coordination with VluchtelingenWerk, will be hosting annual summer holidays for refugee children, with the purpose of creating a community among our members.

Our vision is to foster a multicultural and accepting society in the Netherlands that welcomes people from all backgrounds.