Bringing back safety into people's lives.

As a consequence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, millions of people have been forced to leave their country and are currently displaced. Even though many Ukrainians want to go home as soon as possible, there might not always be a home to come back to. It is our mission to help these people and provide a safe and sustainable living in the Netherlands.

If you save one person you save them all.

Together with a group of friends we decided to join forces and provide support to Ukraine in various ways. Our focus goes to bringing refugee families to the Netherlands, helping them integrate in the Dutch society, and delivering humanitarian help to Ukraine.

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Our team strives to improve lives.

We are a team of nine consisting of professionals from Ukraine and The Netherlands. Compassion and empathy are our main drivers. We believe all people share the same responsibility in helping each other out in times of need. Our shared purpose is to offer humanitarian aid to those who need it as much as we possibly can.







Board members

Berend Sauer

Berend is an Investment Associate at Phase2.earth and a project manager for VluchtelingenWerk Nederland.

Berend on LinkedIn
Gerlof Visser

Gerlof is is an experienced Production Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the energy industry.

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Iana Gupalova

Iana is from Kharkiv (Ukraine) and is currently living in the Netherlands working as a HR Operations Specialist at Nestlé.

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Advisory Board

Joris de Iongh

Schooling & Operations

Joris on LinkedIn
Yuriy Puchkov

PR & Operations

Yuriy on LinkedIn
Friso de Iongh

Medical & Operations

Friso on LinkedIn
Bart Haverkamp

Project Management

Bart on LinkedIn
Floris Keyzer

IT & PR & Operations

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